GoEpic is an online booking platform through which service providers can promote and sell sport activities and related services.

The platform users can search activities (previously uploaded by GoEpic using information given by the providers), and book them online.

GoEpic acts as intermediary between users and providers. As so, it is not part of the binding contract between user and provider.

The present terms of use (henceforth: the “terms of use”) set the conditions for the users of the platform and define the ways GoEpic will intervene as the intermediate between users and providers.

The user commits himself to respect the present terms of use and read the version available on the day of his reservation.

Should always accept the current version at the moment of the reservation of an activity from a provider present on the platform.


When the terms bellow are used in the singular or plural form in the present document, they will have the following meaning:

  • “Client”: means the person that uses the website, that hires the services of the providers;
  • “Platform”: means the electronic platform that manages the relation between the sellers and buyers that is available on the website;
  • “Activities”; means the activities and all the services that are made available by the providers on the platform;
  • “Providers”: means the entities that make activities and other services available on the platform.


Article  1


Through the platform, GoEpic makes available to the client a service of intermediate with the entities that provide the activities.

The platform promotes part or all the provider’s activities, based on the information given to GoEpic by the provider.

Through the platform, the client can send availability requests to the provider, book activities and cancel booked activities.

This way, the client books the activities directly to the providers.

The activities and the conditions in which they take place, are held under the general booking conditions established and made available by the provider.

GoEpic is not part of the contract celebrated direct and exclusively between provider and client, and is not responsible for the execution of the referred contract. From the moment a Client books an activity, GoEpic, acts only as an intermediate between Client and Provider, sending the booking details to the Provider and sending a confirmation email to the Client in behalf of the Provider.

The information available on the platform is based on the information given by the providers.

It’s of sole responsibility of the Provider, the determination of the characteristics of the activities made available in the platform, such us the price, booking conditions, description, cancelling conditions, among others.

GoEpic uses information supplied by the Provider and It’s of sole responsibility of the Provider all the information about the activity description, prices, contacts, all the information that could be relevant to the client (clothing/gear, physical abilities required, and medical incompatibilities), and all the information required by the consumers law.

Where applicable, the Provider is responsible for supplying information about the number of the mandatory civil liability insurance policy

Despite the use of maximum care in the carrying out of the service, GoEpic will not check, and can’t assure that all information is accurate, complete or correct, neither can be considered responsible for any mistake (including manifest errors and spelling errors)

Each Provider remains responsible, at any time, for the accuracy, integrity and correctness of the information (descriptive), showed on the platform (including prices and availability)


Article 2


GoEpic will respect the client’s privacy, conducting in this matter according to the declaration of Privacy and Cookies.


Article 3


The Client can book and pay the activities available in the platform, using credit card.


Article 4


The conditions and consequences of the booking’s cancellation are set by the Provider, and must be part of the descriptive information of the activity in the platform.

The Provider can only cancel a Transaction if unforeseeable or unavoidable external circumstances make it impossible or dangerous the execution of the Activity (e.g. due to weather conditions).

The Client should be informed of the Activity’s cancelation in the shortest possible period of time.

As soon as GoEpic is informed of a cancelation, GoEpic will proceed with the partial or total refund of the value paid by the Client according to the conditions of cancelation established by the Provider.


Article 5


By booking an Activity with a Provider, the Client accepts and agrees with the cancelation conditions and any other additional conditions that apply to the Activity and that the Provider made available in the platform.

The general terms of cancelation of each Provider are available on the platform and on the confirmation email if applicable.

The Client must have in consideration that some prices or special offers cannot be cancelled or changed.

The terms of cancellation or payment may vary according to the type of activity.

The late payment, incorrect bank account, invalid credit or debit card data, invalid credit or debit card and insufficient funds are the Client’s full responsibility, and for that reason, the Client is not entitled to any deposit reimbursement, unless the Provider allows and agrees with this exception on his Payment and Cancellation Terms.

If the Client wishes to change or cancel his reservation, should be aware that the Provider can, according to his cancellation terms, charge him a cancellation or no show payment, and that the Client may not be reimbursed of values paid as deposit.


Article 6


GoEpic is no responsible for any communication with the Provider, and cannot guarantee that the communication requests made by the Client will be received, read, followed, executed or accepted by the Provider.


Article 7


GoEpic is not part of the contract between the Provider and the Client, and is not responsible for the execution of the referred contract.

The execution of the Activity is the Provider’s exclusive responsibility, as it is to ensure the compliance with the description available in the Platform.

Any contractual or extra contractual liability arising from the booking or execution of the activity should be assumed entirely by the Provider.

GoEpic will not be in any case, part of the litigation between the Client and the Provider that arrive from the execution of the Activity, and cannot be imputed to GoEpic any responsibility for:

  1. Any punitive damage or loss, special, indirect or consequent, any loss of production, loss of profits, loss of income, loss of contract, loss or damage of influence or reputation, loss of the right to compensation,
  2. Any inaccuracy regarding information (including, fees, prices and availability) from the Provider available on the Platform, as services and products, as for any other business partners;
  3. Any damage (direct, indirect, consequent or punitive), losses or costs incurred or paid by the Client as a result or connected to the use, impossibility to use, or delay of the Platform,
  4. Any loss (personal), death, damage in property or other (direct, indirect, special, consequent or punitive) damages, losses, or costs incurred or paid by the Client, due to acts (legal), mistakes, infractions, negligence (serious), intentional misconduct, omissions, not compliment,  false information, crime or absolute responsibility for or imputable to the Provider (totally or partially) or any other business partner (his employees, directors, administrative, agents, representatives, or affiliated companies) whose products or services are (direct or indirectly) available, offered, or promoted by and on the platform, including any cancelation (partial), overbooking, strikes, force majeure events or any other event.


Article 8


GoEpic commits itself to the customer to guarantee the services covered by these Terms and Conditions, acting as an intermediary between the Provider and the Client.

GoEpic as the Platform’s host of the information’s uploaded by the Providers cannot be considered responsible by their eventual illicit nature, since it was not expressly informed in advance.


Article 9


The Client is exclusively responsible for the veracity of the information provided.

The Client commits to use the Platform’s services in accordance with the current laws, without the purpose of committing fraud, crime or any illegal activity.


Article 10


GoEpic collects personal data related to the Customer within the scope of the use of this Platform. The Customer acknowledges and accepts that certain personal data will be communicated to the Supplier for the sole purpose of enabling it to execute the contracts concluded with the Customer on the Platform and the performance of the contracted Activities.

The Client is guaranteed the Right of Access, Rectification and Elimination of his personal data, in accordance with the provisions of article 11 of the Data Protection Law.

The Client also has, according to article 12 of the Data Protection Law, the right of:

a) Oppose at any time, for weighty and legitimate reasons relating to his particular situation, that the data relating to him are processed and, in the case of justified opposition, the process carried out by the responsible party stop to influence this data;

b) Opposes, at its request and free of charge, the processing of the personal data concerning him or her provided by the controller for the purpose of direct marketing or any other form of prospecting, or of being informed before personal data are first communicated to third parties for the purpose of direct marketing or used for the account of third parties, and to be expressly granted the right to oppose such communications or uses without any charges.


Article 11


GoEpic may modify the Terms and Conditions at any moment. The opposable version is the one in force on the day of order.


Article 12


Any dispute arising from the general conditions, for example, its execution, its interpretation, its validity or its annulment, will be governed by Portuguese Law, both in substantive norms and procedural rules.

The original Portuguese version of these terms and conditions may have been translated into other languages. The translated version is a courtesy and only an office translation, from which you cannot take any rights. In the event of a dispute over the content or interpretation of these terms and conditions or inconsistency or discrepancy between the Portuguese version and any other language version of these terms and conditions, the Portuguese version shall prevail and shall be final within the limits permitted by law. The Portuguese version will be sent, if requested, in writing.