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Best Buggy adventure in Algarve
Min Participants: 2
Max Participants: 2
Duration: 3h

Yellowfish Adventure invites you to drive our buggies and quads, to discover the
charms and wonders that Algarve country side have to offer.
These unique and pleasant experiences takes place around Alte, one of the
most typical villages of Portugal.
The adventure go by narrow dirty roads sided by centenary stone walls, between
orchards of citrus, almonds and carob trees, as well as olive groves. You pass
through vineyards, small typical villages until you get to highest spots were
breathtaking landscapes take place. Here take a deep breath, you will
experience, feel and live the adventure.
This adventures includes free transfer to/from Albufeira area, a bottle of water
and a t-shirt that we kindly offer you in the end of the tour, among other
surprises. You don’t need any experience to drive our vehicles as they are easy,
safe and equipped with automatic gearbox.

The driver must be 21 years old, or more, with a valid driving license. Children from 7 years old and people without a driving license are also allowed to enjoy the tour as a passenger on our two-seat
vehicles. You will always be accompanied by our experienced guide and mechanic.
Because safety matters, a briefing is held where all rules, regulations and vehicle
handling are explained. Under no circumstances you are permitted to abuse on
speed that can compromise safety. Remember, this is an adventure not a race.
All safety equipment is included: helmet, protective googles and dust masks.
Don’t forget to bring suitable clothes and shoes, as it will get muddy or dusty.
Also bring bathing suit, towel and sunscreen.
Accept our invitation and find out the most typical village in the Algarve and its
surroundings, on board of our off-road vehicles.
“Enjoy, don’t destroy!”

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Beco de São Pedro Lote 7
Albufeira 8200-126 Faro PT
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